The average temperature in Russia was 3 degrees above normal

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The average air temperature in Russia in 2020 exceeded the climatic norm by 3.2 degrees. This was announced on February 4 by Mikhail Bardin, Head of the Department for Monitoring and Probabilistic Climate Forecast at the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Roshydromet structure).

“This is a very significant excess, if we remember that the previous maximum value was 2.2 degrees (2007 – Ed.): It turns out that there was an increase immediately by 50% of the previous maximum,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

At the same time, the heat anomaly in 2020 does not in itself reflect climate warming, but if we consider it among similar phenomena, it becomes clear that over the past six years, the annual temperature has exceeded the norm by two degrees four times.

Bardeen noted that in 2020, in the Asian part of the country, the average temperature exceeded the norm by 4.3 degrees. In Western Siberia, temperatures were above normal by more than seven degrees, while in the north of the Far East, temperatures were close to normal. Moreover, the average excess in the Asian part of the country is lower than in the European part of Russia.

On January 27, it became known that almost two-thirds of people around the world considered the process of climate change a global emergency. It is noted that in eight of the 10 countries with the highest carbon dioxide emissions, the majority of citizens supported the increased use of renewable energy sources. In Russia, this point of view was expressed by 51% of respondents.

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