The author of the sketch of the scandalous monument to Alenka spoke about his work

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The proportions of the figure were observed during the work on the monument to Alenka in Novovoronezh, the author of the sketch, Alexander Shilin, said on December 22.

“But, frankly, I made my face softer. Here are the questions for the final stage, for those who accepted the work of specific performers – I only made a sketch, ”he explained in an interview with the website According to the artist, he heard the legend about the girl who founded the village, proposed to create an avant-garde monument, but the idea was rejected.

As Shilin noted, several meetings were held at the Novovoronezh City Hall on the image of the monument, and the matter was not left to chance. He did not take part in the acceptance of the work, added the author of the sketch.

The fact of the demolition of the monument is unpleasant, but he will not refuse to modify the monument, the artist summed up.

The monument to Alenka was erected on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the village of Novaya Alenovka on December 18. The project cost was 1 million rubles. According to legend, Alenka founded a settlement, but the robber Kudeyar killed her.

Dozens of local residents gathered for the opening ceremony. But the art object scared not only local residents, but also netizens. The townspeople began to ask the mayor’s office on social networks not to “disgrace the city with this ugliness” and to remove the monument, writes. The monument was created by a Voronezh artist.

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