The Augean stables

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During the day yesterday, Joe Biden was able to rejoice in at least two things: we confirmed the adoption of a new plan to support the economy and he was administered the vaccine that should protect him against COVID for a while.

In addition to his victory over Donald Trump, the good news is not legion for the president-elect as a Herculean task awaits him and his predecessor continues to sully his office. There are only 29 days left in Donald Trump’s tenure, but we will have to be wary until the last second of the fallout from his anger and humiliation.

Fans of ancient history or mythology among you will probably remember the famous Twelve Labors of Hercules. Among the tasks that the demigod had to accomplish, we find one that forces his modesty so repulsive and degrading, cleaning the stables of Augias.

Augias, king and owner of a large herd, neglected animals and facilities so much that even slaves no longer entered the stables to extract the stains accumulated over many years. It is reported that the pestilential smell even reached the limits of the kingdom.

If Hercules can accomplish his task in a single day, Biden will have four years. While it is not yet known whether he will be able to count on the complicity of the Senate, the son of Scranton must already fight to slow the spread of COVID, revive a faltering economy and restore his country’s reputation on the international stage. Already time is running out and the rivals of the United States have not failed to activate for four years.

Not only must we add racial tensions, the fight against climate change or the proliferation of nuclear power to the list, but we still do not know what Augias Trump has in store for us for the next 29 days.

Pierre Martin correctly pointed out that the outgoing president is saving the worst for the end and we should fear the fervor of his allies in Congress and among the population. The president can sink into disgrace and ridicule as much as he wants, it is the others that will have to be watched.

If we expect a heartbreaking spectacle when the new Congress certifies the presidential election vote on January 6, just as we expect a series of controversial pardons, we are confident that Trump will come out of the process. White House, willingly or by force, January 20. What still tickles me is the fate that should be reserved for him in Washington.

For the past year or so, I’ve told myself that Joe Biden and his justice official should steer clear of Trump’s legacy and let the courts in a few states do their job. Each day that passes, however, contributes to change my mind. Why? Because not to crack down on Trump or spare him from further investigation is to turn a blind eye to his insanity and the devastating effects of his narcissism.

I had already said that no other president in history had so deserved an impeachment procedure. We already knew the outcome of this partisan process, but not to accuse him would have been indecent. If Trump escaped the process, the door was opened to all obscenities.

If Augias got tired of accumulating filth and odors, he also had another fault; his word had no value. According to the myth, he refused to honor an agreement with Hercules and the latter was forced to take revenge.

We know that Trump will not go in honor and that he will not back down from any meanness, Biden should not grant him the grace to escape justice. We have to clean the stables from top to bottom.

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