The appearance of the premises of the Arctic Center of Epic and Arts was determined in Yakutia

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In Yakutia, the results of the competition for the best design project for the interiors of the future Arctic center of epic and arts were summed up. Both participants were selected as winners.

As the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the republic told IA YakutiaMedia, the commission could not choose one winner, therefore both applicants will take part in the project. One of them will create the “VIP room” and “Atrium”, the second – “Sakha Hall”, “Olonkho Hall”, “Ritual Exhibition Hall”.

According to the chairman of the competition committee, first deputy minister of culture and spiritual development Vladislav Lyovochkin, both teams presented elaborate, interesting and original solutions. The projects were named “Radiance of the Middle World” and “Spirits of Music”. The participants won in various premises nominated for the competition.

“I hope that such a compromise solution will make the interior design of the Arctic Center for Epic and Arts unique and inimitable, capable of becoming a brand of the rich cultural heritage of the peoples of our republic,” Lyovochkin said.

A unique cultural object will be erected on the shore of Lake Saisary. It is assumed that it will become the hallmark of Yakutsk. The Arctic Center of Epic and Arts will include the State Philharmonic named after A. G.M. Krivoshapko, Olonkho Theater, Sakha Academic Theater. P.A. Oyunsky, as well as exhibition halls of museums, halls for summits and congresses, rehearsal facilities for various ensembles and theaters.

The construction of the center became known in August last year. Then it was reported that the maximum amount of funds for the provision of subsidies from the budget of Yakutia for the implementation of the project will be 18 billion 644 million rubles for 12 years. The final cost of the building may decrease due to competitive procedures.

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