Tennessee woman issued a driver’s license with a photo of a chair

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Driving license photos aren’t always the best, but when Tennessee-based Jade Dodd got her new license, the photo was perfect … for a furniture store.

Dodd renewed her license online and received it last week, but to her surprise, there was no picture of her on there. There was only a snapshot of an empty chair. “The traffic police officer didn’t really believe me when I said, ‘Hey, I need to change a few things about my license,’” Dodd said. “Then she looked at their system and said,” Oh, I need my manager’s solution for this. ” When it became known to the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security, they said the photo was taken by accident. Dodd said she was not upset about the mistake. “On the contrary,” she said, “in this gloomy time of the pandemic, it raised the spirits among my colleagues, who had a good laugh. Especially my boss. When I arrived at work, he pointed to a chair outside his office door and said, “I thought it was you and waved to him this morning.”

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