Television fees to rise sharply in Germany

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In the near future, tenants using German cable TV may have to pay significantly more. The reason for the increase in pay for cable TV – a new bill from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Transport.

Currently, lucrative tenants with a cable operator receive a full range of programs for relatively little money, from ARD and ZDF to private channels such as RTL and ProSieben. The landlord will bill all households in proportion to the additional cost, usually less than € 10 per month. “Payments provide more than 12 million households with an affordable and diverse range of television services,” said Thomas Brown, a spokesman for the cable operators’ association. However, the form of spending on German cable television will soon change.

Economics Minister Peter Altmeier and Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said tenants who do not use German cable TV should not pay for it. This will save the family about € 100 per year. “In the future, tenants will have to pay only for the services they actually use,” the head of the Ministry of Economy explains his proposal.

For those who use German cable TV the service will become more expensive. First, the smaller the number of users, the higher the costs for each individual household. Secondly, if new individual contracts are concluded in connection with the introduction of the new law (for example, with Vodafone), then this, according to the economist from Dusseldorf Justus Haukap, will almost double the cost of cable TV.

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