Teikov gymnasium has a new sports ground and digital education center

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The new sports ground in the gymnasium No. 3 in the city of Teikovo is already ready to receive lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

It was installed last week and has modern exercise equipment. The gymnasium is the center of sports leisure for the entire Krasnye Sosienki microdistrict, so local residents advocated the installation of an open sports ground on the school grounds for training all year round. This year, the educational institution became a member of the United Russia project “Children’s Sport.37” and received more than three million rubles for the arrangement of the territory for sports. The work is almost completed, it remains to improve the territory, however, young athletes are already mastering the exercise equipment.

In addition, gymnasium No. 3 became a participant in the national project “Education” in the direction of “Modern School”, a center for digital and humanitarian profiles “Growth Point” is being created here. New equipment for digital and humanitarian programs in life safety, technology and informatics has already entered the school. Among them – a virtual and augmented reality helmet, laptops, quadcopters, hand tools, a 3D printer, equipment for learning the basics of life safety and first aid. The renovation of the premises of the “Point of Growth” center is now being completed. They are scheduled to be completed by 25 August.

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