Tammy Bruce rips Biden, Democrats for radical agenda: Can it be ‘any more divorced’ from American priority?

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President Biden may have technically entered the White House as a moderate but his policies have so far only satisfied the Democrats’ radical agenda, “Fox News Primetime” host Tammy Bruce argued Wednesday.

TAMMY BRUCE: What we’ve seen over the last 100 days is surrendering his agenda to the most extreme elements in his party and breathing life into the Democrats most radical and reckless plans like court-packing and politicizing the Supreme Court, louder and louder calls to abolish the filibuster, D.C. statehood and relentless attacks on our police as being, quote, “systemically racist.” So let’s be clear. There’s nothing moderate about any of this and nothing unifying about trillions and trillions of heavy spending to try and turn various far-left fantasies into reality…

Could their priorities be any more divorced from the priorities of the American people? It’s impossible. Because when Biden should have been focused on things like getting all of our schools open and securing the border, he’s been more interested in letting the left-wing radicals in his base set the agenda by endorsing and funding the scourge of critical race theory in schools and workplaces and bolstering the failed and rejected Democratic Party PACs masquerading as unions in this country, all while they get a blank check to spend taxpayer money.

But again, there is a method to their madness. Could it be that Biden and the Democrats are starting to see the writing on the wall and see that with such a slim House majority, they’re hell-bent on getting as much passed and ramming through as much far-left wish list spending as possible ahead of a shellacking that we expect in 2022. Because in just one hundred days we’ve seen a coordinated effort to upend our constitutional order, overhaul the separation of powers and inflict an unprecedented amount of coercion and control into the day-to-day lives of ordinary Americans.


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