“Take a look in the mirror”: a doctor named a way to identify cancer in the eyes

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Dropped eyelids may indicate a malignant tumor in the lungs. This version was expressed by Professor Georg Santis from London Bridge Hospital.

According to the doctor, this is a neurological symptom of oncology due to compression of nerve endings. As a result, there is a decrease in sweating on the face and drooping of the eyelids is observed.

In parallel, the oncological patient will be bothered by a severe cough, shortness of breath and hemoptysis, quotes Professor Express.

As Georg Santis emphasizes, drooping eyelids do not always indicate a dangerous disease. So-called ptosis can occur for a variety of reasons, including the wearing of lenses.

Earlier “MK in Volgograd” wrote in which cases cancer can be “infected”. Scientists have shown that up to 20% of cancerous tumors arise from common viruses and bacteria.

Note that the material is for informational purposes only. Consultation of a specialist is required.

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