Taiwan: first case of local transmission of coronavirus since April

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Taipei | Taiwan on Tuesday recorded its first case of local transmission of the coronavirus since April, which ends 253 days without contamination and is a setback for an island set up until then as an example.

Taiwanese health authorities said that a thirty-something had tested positive. She had been in contact with a “foreign pilot” who worked for a Taiwanese company and who carried the virus.

“His case has been confirmed today,” the Center for Disease Control said in a statement.

Taiwan, which made the decision to close its borders and implement a very strict quarantine regime early on, has recorded just 770 cases of coronavirus, and seven deaths have been attributed to COVID-19.

Since April 12, all new cases of coronavirus identified on the island were imported cases.

The vast majority of people arriving in Taiwan are due to observe a two-week quarantine and test negative, which until Tuesday had prevented carriers of the virus from transmitting it to the local population.

Pilots, on the other hand, are only required to do a three-day quarantine, or home quarantine, when they return from overseas.

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