Swimming is prohibited: in Germany, police are looking for a crocodile spotted by residents

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In Germany, in the Burgenland region, the authorities have banned swimming in water bodies. Residents of the region said they spotted a crocodile in the river. Initially, the ban was introduced until September 6. However, the crocodile, which was never found, was spotted again.

In late August, the reptile was seen by the inhabitants of Unstrut. The fire brigade, police and volunteers, however, went out on Sunday to search for the crocodile once again after the animal was spotted near Schöneverde in the Keefhäuser region.

This time, the reptile caught the eye of a horse rider in Thuringia, near the border with the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. The woman said that the crocodile was lying on the shore with its mouth open. Sensing danger, the horse recoiled back, and the crocodile plunged into the waters of the Unstrut River. This was not the only report of a reptile sighted in the region.

Regional fire department spokesman Jonas Weller said that everything possible is being done to find the reptile. “We take the threat very seriously,” he said.

Emergency services have been looking for a crocodile in Unstrut, a small river on the border of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt since August. Previously, residents of the region reported seeing a reptile near Lauch an der Unstrut. The locks at Trösdorf and Wetzendorf were temporarily closed. On Sunday morning, a police spokeswoman said the search for the crocodile had not yet been successful.

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