Svetlana Baranova: It is extremely difficult to organize a trip to Talaby

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Pskov tour operators have difficulties in organizing excursion trips to the Talab Islands due to the lack of transport accessibility. As the correspondent of “MK in Pskov” reports, the director of the travel agency “Continent” Svetlana Baranova said this at a press conference on the state of the tourism industry in the Pskov region, which took place on August 7.

“We do not have enough buses for the transportation of tourist groups and sufficient development of water transport. We are fighting in our desire to transport the groups to the Talab Islands, but it is very difficult, ”the speaker noted.

On this topic:

According to her, it is necessary to develop water transport in the Pskov region, since any types of water tourism are relevant for the region. In addition, according to her, “the Pskov Kremlin looks amazing from the water.”

“Glanders have appeared this year. This is a great idea! ” – Svetlana Baranova considers.

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