Suspicious bag found next to Trump hospital

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Police have blocked the road near the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland, where US President Donald Trump is being treated for coronavirus, because of a suspicious bag. This was reported on October 4 by the NBC channel.

The incident interrupted the rally of supporters of the American leader, who gathered at a medical center to support Trump.

After that, a bomb disposal squad and law enforcement officers with bloodhounds arrived at the scene. They checked the find, making sure it was safe, and then allowed Trump supporters to continue their march.

On October 2, Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania, had contracted the coronavirus. On the same day, the American leader with mild symptoms was taken to the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital.

According to Trump’s attending physician Sean Conley, the head of state must undergo an experimental five-day course of taking the antiviral drug Remdesivir. The prospects for his treatment are assessed as “cautiously optimistic”.

On September 19, U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted a ricin-poisoned letter that was addressed to Trump. The substance, if swallowed, can cause nausea, vomiting, internal organ failure and death.

The authorities later detained a 53-year-old Canadian citizen, Pascal Ferrier, on suspicion of shipment. She is in custody, but denies guilt.

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