Suddenly aged Tatiana Navka disappointed fans

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45-year-old Soviet, Belarusian and Russian figure skater, Olympic champion (2006) in ice dancing Tatyana Navka always looked elegant. Fans have repeatedly spoken out about the impeccable appearance of the wife of the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. But as soon as she posted a picture in home clothes and without makeup, demanding subscribers reproached Tatyana that she looked too old.

A new picture appeared on Instagram Tatiana Navka on Thursday evening. She sits in a red leather chair against the backdrop of a Christmas tree in some kind of spacious plaid jacket and a massager around her neck.

“These 15 minutes of relaxation are so rare lately, but this makes the massage even more pleasant,” the former athlete told her subscribers. She added that a massager can be a good New Year’s gift.

At first, subscribers criticized Navka for advertising products on Instagram.

“Well, you already have Tatiana, why advertise things,” wrote one of the subscribers.

And then there were statements about the appearance of the champion: “Something is so old here !!!!”; “Tatyana looks somewhat old without makeup.”

However, some have defended Tatiana, writing that she has always been an example of her energy and she can be respected for the fact that she “does not look like pumped up and of the same type.”

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