Subscribers diagnosed vacationer Sobchak with a beach fungus virus

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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in her Instagram posted a photo from a vacation in Italy. Ksenia did not use photo filters in the frame without any makeup at all, which caused conflicting feelings and ridicule. According to many subscribers, the presenter looks terrible in this form. Many have noticed her nose, which is still undergoing therapy after it was broken in an accident.

“Oh my God! What a grandmother! ”,“ Well, not everyone will put up such a photo. Respect! ”,“ Don’t scare me, Ksyusha, ”wrote the haters.

But many were worried about Sobchak’s health. “Ksenia, do you have white spots on your hand or does it shine? If there are white spots, then you have a beach fungus virus! You urgently need to see a dermatologist! ”- wrote one of the subscribers, many supported her in the comments.

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