Storm “Alex” washed away roads in France and Italy: 19 people disappeared, 1 killed

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As a result of the storm “Alex”, which struck the south of France and northwest of Italy, at least one person died and 19 disappeared, the BBC reports.

Several villages in the southern French city of Nice have experienced the most devastating floods in modern history due to the powerful storm Alex. In northern Italy, rivers overflowed their banks and roads and bridges were destroyed. As a result of bad weather, one man died – an Italian firefighter. Several villages in the Italian region of Piedmont were cut off from traffic and flooded. Thousands of rescue teams were sent to help the victims. 11 people disappeared in Italy, another 8 in France.

The French meteorological agency said 450 mm of rain fell in a day, which is the equivalent of 4 months of rain at this time of year. Wind speed caused by storm Alex reached 180 km / h.

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