Stores in Germany want to open around the clock until December 16

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Due to the fact that many did not have time to purchase gifts for Christmas, postponing this activity until the last days of December, experts expect a sharp influx of buyers in stores before the start of the second strict quarantine, which will begin on Wednesday, and are calling for the temporary opening of stores around the clock.

“In this situation, it would be wise to extend the opening hours of stores until the night in order to distribute the influx of visitors,” FDP politician Michael Theurer. “The opening of stores 48 hours before the imposed quarantine will prevent the formation of queues, which from the point of view of the epidemiological situation is very dangerous and should not occur under any circumstances.”

Bundestag member and head of the Hamburg CDU Christoph Ploss is also demanding “to extend the opening hours of shops in the evenings” in order to avoid crowding in stores. The leader of the Berlin-based CDU parliamentary group Burkard Dregger has called on merchants in the German capital to make the most of the legal opening hours of shops from midnight to midnight.

Stefan Ghent, managing director of the German General Retail Association (HDE), believes that extending store opening hours before the start of quarantine would be a smart move.

On the other hand, many politicians and health experts are urging residents of the country to stop shopping in stores on Monday and Tuesday to minimize the risk of infection.

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