Steve Bannon strikes defiant tone after arrest: ‘Honey badger doesn’t give’

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Trump criticized the group Bannon was a part of, “We Build the Wall,” for interfering in a government-run endeavor to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Bannon, who was charged with three other men, pleaded not guilty to cheating donors and diverting $1 million raised by the group to another organization he controlled.

“What he said yesterday was absolutely correct,” Bannon said of his former boss. “Building the wall is a function of government. But look how much trouble President Trump has had.”

Bannon’s comments were first reported by Right Wing Watch.

Upon exiting a Manhattan courthouse on Thursday, Bannon declared his arrest a baseless political ploy designed to halt the construction of the wall — a theme he returned to on his Friday broadcast.

“This is to stop and intimidate people that have President Trump’s back on building the wall. We are never going to stop pushing the wall,” Bannon said.”This stuff is complete nonsense. I am not going to back down one inch.”

The former top White House adviser also made light of the chaotic scene on Thursday that occurred as he left the courthouse and was swarmed by the media.

“How did I miss turning to the TV cameras and going to the print cameras? Donald Trump would never make that mistake,” Bannon said.

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