State of the State: Cuomo’s annual message

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In his next annual State of the State message, Governor Cuomo focused on topics such as voter rights, tougher laws against domestic violence, and tenant protection.

It was not by chance that he raised the topic of elections.

“At a time when the Trump administration was trying to take away from the Americans their right to see in elected positions those to whom they voted, we cannot but show concern about this,” he stressed.

The governor has supported a number of measures to help voters. In particular, the state will increase the period of time during which it will be possible to send a request for an “absentee ballot”. Votes received by mail must be counted without delay, immediately upon arrival. It is planned to extend the opening hours of polling stations on the days of “early voting”.

The measures mentioned by Cuomo are likely to meet no obstacles in the legislature.

With regard to domestic violence, the governor proposed to amend the legislation with a provision according to which the courts will demand compensation from the brawlers for damage caused to their homes and furnishings. They will also have to pay the victims of the travel expenses.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

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State of the State 2021

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