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Star Wars fans will be able to fly a replica starship at the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction at the $1 billion Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, opening today. Black Spire Outpost will serve Star Wars-themed food and beverages.


Those interested in building their own “real” lightsaber can do so at Savi’s Workshop for $200. In reality, the Workshop is an interactive experience that lasts for three hours. The story is about Savi and his Gatherers, who guide visitors through the process of making their own cheap lightsabers, which they are eligible to take home.


According to Disney Park’s blog, Savi’s Workshop has a fascinating history:

Obtain the gathering’s contact information in order to speak to them about the ancient ways of the Jedi and the Force. Gatherers help those seeking assistance in building their own individualized lightsabers. ZIA Saber is offering the Millennium neopixel lightsaber.


He was one of the first Gatherers … He disguised his clandestine mission as a salvage business in order to help the next generation of Force users create their own lightsabers.”


I’ll share my experience with you. Galaxies Edge is set in Batuu, and in one of the main areas, the Black Spire Outpost, on the planet Batuu, there is Savi’s scrapyard and workshop, hidden from the First Order.


The Disneyland blog reports that the Disneyland attraction allows a maximum of 14 guests to enter the workshop at one time, called “Builders.” The Gatherers are a group of Disney actors who act as the Front Gate. The blog describes the workshop as being “filled with odd parts, whimsical pieces, and miscellaneous memorabilia,” from the farthest corners of space.


In addition to showing how to build a lightsaber, the Gatherers share stories of past heroes and villains, and say they hope for a new hero to appear… perhaps one of the Builders with a lightsaber of their own.


The following four styles are available for builders to choose from, each with its own theme and appearance:


  • According to the Disneyland blog, Peace and Justice is comprised of “salvaged scraps from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships” that honour the galaxy’s former guardians.
  • The Dark Side warriors used “Remains of Sith homeworlds and abandoned temples” in the creation of Power and Control.
  • A tree can be described as an “elemental nature” and a whale as a “cartesian whalebone.”
  • A powerful tool that provides “protection and defence with mysterious motifs and inscriptions that connect users with the ancient wellspring of the Force.”


A builder’s table, where the lightsabers are assembled, contains the following lightsaber parts:

  • There is one hilt (the handle)
  • The grips consist of two sleeves
  • The blade goes in one emitter
  • The pommel cap (hilt’s protective end) consists of:
  • A set of plates and switches for activating and deactivating the lightsaber (to turn it on or off)


For building their lightsaber, builders use a “kyber” crystal from one of four colours: red, blue, green or violet. Gatherers put the 36-inch blade on lights abers after Builders have assembled them. Lightsabers glow in the colour of their crystal choice when they are turned on.


Builders receive a carrying case along with their new weapon.

Workshop reservations are limited to two people (at least one person in the group must be 14 or older) who build one cheap lightsaber each. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open to reservations only on May 31 in the first phase, which includes attractions such as Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Black Spire Outpost market, and Savi’s Workshop.


Later this year, the second phase of opening will include attractions such as Rise of the Resistance, where guests will participate in an interactive “Rebellion battle” with First Order villains. The cost of an adult day ticket to Star Wars: Galaxy Edge at Disneyland is $107. You may need to make reservations.