St. Petersburg prepares for SPIEF

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St. Petersburg is preparing to host SPIEF-2021. The organizers talk about the world level of the upcoming event, Izvestia TV channel reports.

“That there is a city there, all progressive humanity is preparing for the SPIEF, because this is a truly significant event. Both from the point of view of the level of participation and from the point of view of representation, ”said Sergey Voronkov, General Director of Expoforum.

This is the first time an offline event of this level is held. At least 15 thousand guests are expected to arrive at the forum. Some of the participants will join the meetings online. The closest attention
pay attention to safety issues.

“What is not available on any site in the world is air disinfection through a centralized ventilation system. Smart engineering that allows you to do it centrally, – Sergey Voronkov explained. “Therefore, I think that from the point of view of the security measures that will be present, primarily epidemiological, this forum will have no equal for a long, long time.”

It is noted that the protection measures have been worked out together with Rospotrebnadzor, taking into account the requirements of the World Health Organization.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum will take place from 2 to 5 June.

The Izvestia TV channel is available in the packages of cable operators, in Moscow it is located on the 26th button. The channel is also broadcast live on the website.