Spiro Agnew’s Ghost- A Myth Or Reality?

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By Freya

In Baltimore, Maryland, Spiro Agnew was born on November 9, 1918. His political journey began in the early 1960s. He served as the 39th Vice President of the United States. Apart from his political popularity and controversies, one of the stories that took everyone’s attention is Spiro Agnew’s ghost mystery. There are many theories regarding this, and different people convey different perspectives

The truth is still behind bars. No witness is sure whether the ghost stories are real or not. When Agnew was governor of Maryland before becoming Vice President, there were rumors that his spirit still hung about the building. 

People who worked with Agnew while he was President Nixon’s vice president believe his ghost may be seen wandering the halls of the White House.

How Spiro Agnew’s Ghost Appears

Spiro Agnew's Ghost

Since Spiro Agnew died in 1996, there have been rumors that his ghost is causing strange things to happen. Witnesses say they heard strange noises, saw flashing lights, and even saw ghostly figures that looked like Spiro. This gave rise to the tale of “Spiro Agnew’s ghost,” which is believed by both believers and skeptics.

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Observations and Stories

One of the most interesting things said to have happened with the ghost of Spiro happened at his old house, the Agnew family home in Maryland. Visitors and people who moved in after they have said they heard distant voices, saw items move on their own, or saw a ghost that looked like him wearing one of his trademark suits.

A story about a conversation with a former Secret Service agent who worked closely with Spiro Agnew while he was president is interesting. They told this agent that they once felt a scary presence and heard voices whispering, “I am still watching.” They think that the ghost of spiro agnew himself was trying to talk to them from beyond the grave when they heard this sound.

Mystery Investigation 

Researchers and people who are interested in the paranormal have spent years trying to figure out what Spiro Agnew’s ghost identity is. They have even tried to record his ghost’s voice using electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sessions.

Some people say that EVP sessions prove that Spiro Agnew’s ghost is real, but others aren’t sure and think that any claimed ghostly activity is due to natural causes.

Impact and Legacy

The story of what happened to Spiro Agnew has always been interesting because it combines history and the supernatural. Scholars and political fans are still interested in his controversial political impact, which gives him a mysterious air.  


Since his strange disappearance in 1973, the mystery surrounding Spiro Agnew’s ghost has only deepened, and we may never know the true reason why his spirit still lingers in Maryland. It’s almost as though he has unfinished business in this world and must choose between the living and the dead. 

Many people have come around to recognizing this wonderful guy who served our country decades ago, but others still see him as a negative historical figure.