Park Soo Ryun: Biography, Background, Dramas, Age, Relationship

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By Rebecca

Park Soo Ryun, a talented and beloved figure in the world of K-dramas, captured viewers’ hearts with her captivating performances and undeniable talent. Park Soo Ryun began her journey in the entertainment industry at a young age, eventually making a name for herself as an accomplished actress. Tragically, her life was cut short, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and touch the hearts of many. 

Who was Park Soo Ryun?

This beautiful girl was born in Suwon, South Korea, on May 4, 1994. When she was young, her acting skills appeared, and she was very passionate about acting. She took her education history private from the public, so we can not know her education in acting. All we know is that she completed high school at an unknown institute.

A Korean actress named Park soo ryun played a debut role in the drama Snowdrop. She became a star and gained popularity in the youth for her expressions and acting skills. Before this debut, she was part of musicals, including Finding Mr. Destiny, The Days We Loved, Siddhartha, THE CELLAR, and Somehow Theater Festival.

Personal life

Park soo ryun was a humble and nice person in real. She always expressed love to every person, and in fact, she also loved animals. She lived in south korea with her parents and sister. Her hobbies are very limited. She was just focused on her acting career and wanted to be a Kpop star. She was a passionate and hardworking girl from her teenage.

Age29 years old
Date of birthMay 4, 1994
BirthplaceSuwon South Korea
Relationship statusUnmarried
EducationGraduated from an unknown institute
NationalitySouth Korean
HometownSuwon South Korea
PetsCat named Kanto
Date of deathJune 11, 2023

Family Background

Park soo ryun was raised by her parents. Her mother decided to donate her organs after her death. She was living a normal life with her parents without any controversy. She kept her personal life private and did not reveal her family to the media. 

When her death news was revealed, her fans and co-stars showed huge sympathy and sadness to her family because she was a rising star for her fans. Even her co-stars said park soo ryun was a nice soul who always tried to help everyone.


She started her career as a musical actress. Park performed for various production houses in their music videos and live performances. She acted in her first musical, ‘Il Tenore’ in 2018. In 2021 she worked in many musicals, including Finding Kim Jong Wook, Passing Through Love, Siddhartha, and The Day We Loved. Later she moved on to acting in drama and got her first debut role in a drama named Snowdrop.

When did she start acting?

Park soo ryun started acting in 2018 in a music video for ‘Il Tenore.’ She gained huge popularity and love from her fans for her cute smile and attractive expressions. Later she got some more projects for musicals, including Finding Kim Jong Wook, Passing Through Love, Siddhartha, and The Day We Loved. After her fame, she got an offer for a role of a university student in a drama named Snowdrops. That drama was the first in which she performed a leading role. After that, she took a vacation break to relax and later started working on Siddharta, a play on finding inner peace. She was on Jeju Island for her upcoming performance when she got into the accident. 


Her Debut musical: Il Tenore’ in 2018 

Debut drama: Snowdrops 2021

Park soo ryun drama

She played a leading role in a famous Korean drama named Snowdrops. After this drama, she became famous globally, and her drama was not seen in just south korea but also dubbed into different languages, including English. She also performed in a play named Siddharta. 

Was she famous?

She gained more popularity for her first debut drama Snowdeops. Before this, she was a little famous in South Korean concerts. 


The journey of Park soo ryun was tragically cut short. Her memory will inspire and touch the hearts of her fans and the Kpop industry forever. The fans will remember her talent, passion, and love for her career. She inspired those teenagers who want to make their career at a young age. Her role in Snowdrops made many people her huge fans. She performed in many musicals and plays, including Siddharta, a famous play on finding inner peace. Park Soo had a pet cat named Kanto. She was a kind and beautiful soul who loved and respected everyone without any hate.