SpaceX received a $ 316 million contract from the Pentagon

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US space technology manufacturer SpaceX has received a $ 316 million contract from the US Department of Defense. This amount will go towards military launches in 2022-2027. About this on Friday, August 7, writes CNN Business.

As part of the same competition, the United Launch Alliance space company will also conclude a deal with the Pentagon. The deal with ULA for the same period will amount to $ 337 million.

It is noted that ULA will serve 60% of all national security satellites, which are scheduled to be launched by 2027. SpaceX will take over the remaining 40%.

The publication emphasizes that SpaceX and ULA have maintained a duopoly over existing national security launches for many years.

United Launch Alliance is a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

SpaceX was founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2002.

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