South Korea has developed a smart collar to detect the emotion of dogs

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A smart dog collar is on sale in South Korea. It can help determine the emotions of an animal based on its “voice”. This was announced on Tuesday, January 12, by Reuters.

According to the director of marketing for Petpuls, the developer of the gadget, Andrew Gil, the collar will enable dog owners to understand their pets. The device is able to recognize five emotions: happiness, calmness, anxiety, anger and sadness. The information about the emotional state is received in the application on the smartphone.

A special algorithm, which was developed on the basis of the analysis of more than 10 thousand records of barking of 50 different breeds of dogs, allows revealing the feelings of animals. The company began collecting data in 2017, after three years the work was completed. The device went on sale in October 2020 and costs $ 99.

“I thought that when we play with the dog, it feels joy, and when I am not at home, it is in anxiety. In fact, it turned out that she was angry when she lost to me, just like a person, ”said one of the collar buyers, the owner of the border collie.

The accuracy of the algorithm was checked by Seoul National University, according to the results of their experiments, it was 90%.

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