Somnologist spoke about harmless and dangerous seizures in a dream

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Involuntary muscle contraction in the process of falling asleep is a normal phenomenon called myoclonus and occurs in many people, said Elena Tsareva, head of the Unison somnology service, in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the specialist, from the point of view of neurology, this is not a disease and does not require treatment.

“This is one or two shuddering of the whole body or of some part. It is believed that this is a release of stress accumulated during the day. It is not necessary to treat it, it is not a pathology, it does not speak of any diseases. One or two seizures do not affect the quality or life expectancy, ”Tsareva said.

She noted that myoclonus should not be confused with restless legs syndrome, which is characterized by tension that causes an intolerable urge to move. According to a specialist, malnutrition can provoke this condition.

“This can be especially true if a person drinks a lot of caffeine amid stress. Tea, coffee, chocolate and energy drinks at night can provoke physical activity, since caffeine affects the receptors that are responsible for this. People with restless legs syndrome, by giving up caffeine, solve their problems if it is a mild degree, ”the doctor said.

However, if a change in diet does not help, and muscle contraction occurs more than one or two times, then this is already a sign of illness.

“If four seizures in a row after a period of time, then this may already be a neurological disease or a concomitant condition of restless legs syndrome. This can provoke stress, ”Tsareva stressed.

In early July, Olivia Arezzolo, a sleep doctor from Sydney, Australia, revealed the effects of sleep deprivation. According to her, dark circles or bags under the eyes are the first thing that will be noticeable after poor sleep. The somnologist noted that acne is also a side effect of poor sleep, because the immune system is at risk.

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