Some streets in the center of Moscow will be blocked due to the race

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In the center of Moscow, in connection with the night race on Saturday, August 22, part of the streets will be closed, according to the website of the Moscow mayor’s office.

In addition, from 6:00 on August 22 until the end of the race, parking on the streets where it will take place will be prohibited.

“From 21:30 to 23:00 it will not be possible to drive along the Alley of Glory, from 22:00, traffic on the Luzhnetskaya Embankment from the Alley of Glory to Frunzenskaya Embankment will be blocked for almost three hours, and from 22:00 on 22 August to 00:15 on 23 August for drivers will close Frunzenskaya embankment, ”it was reported.

The bus routes in the area of ​​Luzhnetskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments will also change. So, from 22:00 buses T79 will run from the stop “Luzhniki Stadium (Yuzhnaya)” along Komsomolsky Prospekt to the Garden Ring, and then along the usual route.

Buses No. 64, 216, 255, 809 from the Luzhniki Stadium (Yuzhnaya) stop will go through Khamovnichesky Val Street, along the side passage of Komsomolsky Prospekt and further according to their usual scheme. The changes will work in both directions.

In 2020, the night run was supposed to take place on July 18, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to August 22. Participants will have to run 10 km along the territory of Luzhniki, Luzhnetskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments.

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