Some participants in the storming of the Capitol can face up to 20 years in prison

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The punishment for some charges in connection with the storming of the Capitol may be imprisonment up to 20 years. This was stated by the acting US federal attorney Michael Sherwin.

“Some of the charges are on grave charges, the punishment for them is up to 20 years in prison,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday, January 12.

Shervin noted that FBI agents across the country are looking for participants in the assault who have committed grave crimes, in which there may be signs of collusion, RIA Novosti reports.

Law enforcers are also focusing on weapons-related cases. Shervin promised that those who planted the explosive devices would be found.

“If you entered the territory of (Capitol – Ed.) Or you have placed an explosive device, you will be found,” said the acting. the prosecutor.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that the FBI opened more than 160 criminal cases after the incursion of supporters of the current US President Donald Trump into the Congress building. Sherwin admitted that the number of open cases will soon reach several hundred.

On January 6, Trump supporters rioted Washington DC. During the protests, they broke into the Capitol. There were clashes with police, during which dozens of people were injured on both sides. Five people died, including one of the law enforcement officers. The US Congress approved the election of Democrat Joe Biden as President of the United States on January 7.

The next day, Trump announced that he would not be attending Biden’s inauguration.

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