Snowfalls and blizzards are expected in Moscow at the end of next week

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Cyclone “Greta” will bring snowfalls and blizzards to Moscow, they will hit the city at the end of the coming week. On Sunday, December 20, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Yevgeny Tishkovets, warned about this.

Nevertheless, the first half of the week will not be marked by major changes. The weather will be cloudy, without significant precipitation, high humidity is expected. The temperature will be around 0 degrees.

“The second part of the week will be marked by cataclysms associated with the North Atlantic cyclone with the symbolic name Greta, which is now gaining strength over the British Isles. Snowfalls will first begin on Wednesday evening and will be of low intensity for a day and a half, ”Tishkovets said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The weather forecaster explained that a sharp deterioration in weather will occur on the night of Friday, December 25, on Saturday, December 26. Heavy snowfalls and blizzards await capital residents. In total, up to 20-25 mm of precipitation will fall, which is almost half of the December norm. As a result, the height of the snowdrifts will reach 20 cm.

In addition, weather conditions will provoke a deterioration in visibility on the streets and the emergence of difficulties on the roads due to skids.

By the end of the working week, the thermometer will drop to –2 …– 5 degrees, on Saturday the temperature will drop to –4 …– 7 degrees. Strong winds are also predicted, the speed of which will reach 10-15 m / s.

On December 18, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, announced that the inhabitants of the European part of Russia will face a cold snap at the beginning of next week. According to him, the air temperature will drop by 2-3 degrees.

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