“Snow” from insects fell on the Tver region

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The invasion of moths occurred in the city of Torzhok, Tver region. Netizens publish videos of insect snow on social media.

From a distance, this phenomenon really resembles a strong blizzard. Insects fly in large clouds towards the light of car headlights or street lamps, which frightens the locals.

Most flocks of moths were seen near rivers. For humans, moths are not dangerous – they do not bite and are not poisonous. The life span of these insects is one day, the website kp.ru writes. After that, they become food for fish, falling into rivers or bodies of water.

As the TV channel “Zvezda” notes, this natural phenomenon occurs no more than once a year. During the mass flight, the fertilization process takes place.

On August 4, it was reported that in the Khabarovsk Territory, the active years of the largest butterflies in the country, the Maak Sailboats, began. Usually Sailboats live in the Lazo region and the Baku region, where clouds of blue swallowtail are found.

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