Smolensk UGRO opened the case of telephone scammers

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On August 12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Smolensk region reported that the suspect in telephone fraud is already being convoyed to the Smolensk region for investigative actions.

A local 69-year-old townswoman addressed the duty unit of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Smolensk with a statement of fraud. As established by the police officers, an unknown person called her on her home phone, who said that her grandson had committed an accident and he was facing criminal liability. The stranger said that a woman can help a loved one if she donates money. The agitated Smolyanka passed 10 thousand rubles through the taxi driver, and later found out that her grandson did not need help.

On the fact of fraud, department No. 3 of the Investigation Department of the Russian MIA Administration for the city of Smolensk has initiated a criminal case under the article “Fraud”. Two more similar applications from older people were registered. In one case, the attacker did not receive the money: the taxi driver, who was supposed to act as an intermediary in the transfer of funds, returned the entire amount to the citizen.

Operatives of the Criminal Investigation Department of the regional UMVD established subscriber numbers of calls – all of them related to the Samara region. In addition, it was established that a resident of the Samara region, born in 1990, who was in prison, was involved in fraudulent activities. The telephones, which he used to call citizens, were seized from him.

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