Smolensk search engines were looking for a pensioner in the forest for three days

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Smolensk search engines told about the search for a 70-year-old pensioner, which lasted several days. Grandfather disappeared on August 7th. They were looking for him for three days.

The forest in the place of the search was extremely heavy, waterlogged.

“The entire eastern part and the northern direction from the place where our mushroom pickers parted (grandpa was with a friend who returned safely) was worked out in the last trip. The most impassable swampy part with canals in the west and north-west remained,” says the author of the post in the group PSO “Salvar” in the social network.

Arriving at the place, we confer and make a decision to “cut off” the northern part, focusing all our attention on a complex area of ​​a huge forest.

By 11:40 pm, one of the search crews finds Waif. The second one, too, came very close.

The lover of “quiet hunting” is alive. He could move himself (albeit with great difficulty).

There was no connection from the word “at all”, so the headquarters learned the good news only half an hour later, thanks to a message that accidentally broke into the air.

Then there was a long way from the forest through the canals, chest-deep in water. And a “solemn” meeting under the “spotlights” of lanterns and photos on phones.

“As often happens, our” lost “is tired, embarrassed and not at all ready for such attention. But he is probably glad that it was all over, and we are happy that we found it. We found it at the very border of the possible,” the report says.

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