Smolensk farmers received 300 million rubles of subsidies over the past three years

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The head of the Smolensk region held a regular meeting of the coordination commission for the implementation of the state program “Development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food in the Smolensk region.”

This measure of state support has been implemented since 2017 and is in demand. During this time, 181 agricultural producers in the region received it. The total amount of subsidies amounted to about 300 million rubles.

According to the governor, in total, as of September 1, the region’s farmers purchased 230 units of agricultural machinery and equipment. In general, according to the applications and the forecast for the renewal of the machine and tractor fleet, in 2020 agricultural producers of the region plan to purchase more than 400 units of equipment.

As a result of the 2020 harvesting campaign, the gross harvest of grains and legumes will remain at the 2019 level and amount to 318,000 tons.

It is planned that rapeseed production will grow by two percent, amounting to 12,600 tons. This became possible in many respects thanks to the acquisition of energy-rich equipment with the involvement of state support.

In August, the governor held negotiations with the general director of the joint-stock company Rosagroleasing Pavel Nikolaevich Kosov.

“We managed to reach agreements on the implementation of a joint program, which will further minimize refusals for the supply of agricultural machinery to Smolensk agricultural producers on lease from this company. In turn, the regional administration through the Department of Agriculture and Food will subsidize leasing payments from 2021 payment of the principal debt. This is what we talked about at the last meeting of the Commission, “said the head of the region.

On September 5, on behalf of the governor, a regional “Plowman’s Day” was held, within which not only competitions for machine operators were held, but also all leading suppliers of agricultural machinery in our region were represented.

A representative delegation of the Smolensk region was formed to participate in the international specialized exhibition Agrosalon-2020, which will be held next week in Moscow.

Further, the head of the Department of Agriculture and Food Alexander Tsarev made a report: “At today’s meeting we have to distribute 20.9 million rubles, after which the use of subsidies this year will amount to 100 percent. We have processed documents of 30 commodity producers from 15 municipalities. In general, compared to last year, the number of districts that take part in the implementation of the state program and renew the park of agricultural machinery has increased. five million rubles, which will allow rendering assistance to at least 10 enterprises of the region.

Also, the head of the relevant Department said that the total number of subsidized equipment will be 65 units, 20 of which are intended for work in farms specializing in dairy farming. This technique and equipment will allow in the future to increase the production of raw milk in the region, as well as to improve its quality. It is also important that, according to Alexander Tsarev, three enterprises purchased nine units of equipment on the terms of Rosagroleasing – they will be reimbursed part of the costs depending on the size of the initial payment.

Then a vote took place, following which a positive decision on the provision of this subsidy was unanimously adopted. State support funds will be brought to all 30 agricultural producers by October 15.

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