Smolensk air ambulance transported a seriously ill patient from Gagarin

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“For the first time, a team of doctors transported a seriously ill patient from Gagarin on an ambulance helicopter,” reports their website.

For 2 months, the Ansat helicopter made several dozen flights to remote areas of the region, delivering patients who needed emergency medical assistance to the regional center.

Now the help of the ambulance was needed in Gagarin.

Ansat has landed at the former city stadium. The arrived doctor – anesthesiologist-resuscitator Vadim Kupava, together with the Gagarin ambulance, went to the regional hospital for a seriously ill patient, as a result of which a video consultation with specialists from the Smolensk Regional Clinical Hospital was held in advance.

There are always two pilots in the crew of the helicopter, the team takes off on assignments from the Smolensk Center for Disaster Medicine. While waiting for the patient, the pilots scrupulously made entries in the logbook. We asked for the inside of the car.

It is one hour flight from Smolensk to Gagarin, and it would take an ambulance at least 2.5 hours to get there.

After 20 minutes, a patient was delivered from the Gagarin Central District Hospital. After 2 minutes, the patient was placed in the helicopter cabin. At the same time, the resuscitator Vadim Kupava was fixing the cuffs of medical equipment on the patient’s body. Thus, the medically ill person was not interrupted for a second.

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