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This year, the number of American schoolchildren who smoke e-cigarettes has dropped to about 20 percent from 27.5 percent last year.

This was reported by researchers from the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to their survey of middle and high school students, 3.6 million young people used these devices in the first quarter of this year, and more than eight in ten preferred flavored e-cigarettes. In 2020, pre-filled capsules or cartridges were the most commonly consumed type of device, and use of disposable e-cigarettes has skyrocketed among both high school and junior high school students. Most often, schoolchildren smoked e-cigarettes with fruit flavors, cigarettes flavored with candies, desserts, mint and menthol were also popular. 56% of high school students who used flavored e-cigarettes preferred mint flavor.

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E-cigarettes smoke less

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