Singers spoke sharply about rumors about their own coma

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People’s Artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov, on his Instagram page, responded in a rather harsh form about rumors of his own coma. Akret published several videos from a hospital in Kommunarka, where he was previously hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia, to confirm his own normal state of health.

Dmitry signed his videos succinctly: “Paskudnikam” and “Everything is under medical supervision.” In addition, he said that his rapid test for COVID-19 was negative.

“Those who come up with such nonsense about whom would like to wish, without any malice, that their relatives read the same information about them … How do you like it?” – Pevtsov quipped.

As for his own state of health, the actor stressed that he felt quite cheerful, and the temperature was like that of a healthy person – 36.6.

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