Singer Slava broke up with her 68-year-old husband for the sake of a young dancer

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40-year-old Russian singer, actress, songwriter Anastasia Slanevskaya, better known by her stage name Slava, admitted that there was a period when she left her 68-year-old husband for a young dancer.

Slava said that she began to meet with wealthy businessmen Anatoly Danilitsky in the early 2000s, having met him in a restaurant. Since then, the couple have been together for about 20 years. At that time, Anatoly was married, but neither this nor the age difference bothered the young singer.

A wealthy chosen one helped the aspiring singer develop a career and get on the big stage, but after five years Slava decided to leave the family. She spoke about this on the Super channel’s Youtube show.

Slava left her family for the sake of a young dancer. But the romance on the side turned out to be fleeting and lasted only a year. After that, the singer returned to the family, explaining to Anatoly that she realized that she loved only him.

“Now we float together with the flow of love and happiness,” says the singer.

In 2011, a daughter, Antonina, was born in the family. Slava also has a daughter, Alexander, who was born back in 1999, when the artist was in a relationship with Alexander Morozov. The singer did not formalize official relations with Morozov. He says that he is not going to do it now with Anatoly.

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