Silin day: what absolutely must not be done on August 12

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In addition, on this day, the Orthodox honor Silouan and Silas – the apostles from 70 and the companions of St. Paul.

On this day, going to church, believers pray to John the Warrior, asking for intercession and consolation, consolation from offenses. They also pray to the holy martyr, asking them to return stolen goods if you become a victim of thieves.

But Saints Siluan and Sila are the patrons of beekeepers. They are asked that the bees do not get sick and that the honey harvest is good.

Also on August 12, the celebration of the Okonskaya Icon of the Mother of God takes place.

People believed that strength was added on Silin Day, so they tried to redo as much work as possible – physical and mental. It was believed: the more work you redo, the stronger and healthier you will be throughout the year. Also today we collected burdock leaves – from one bush – three leaves. The leaves were dried until August 14 – before the Honey Savior – and for each next Savior they applied it if the joints hurt.

According to popular beliefs, on August 12, one cannot sit back and indulge in laziness, one cannot stay if someone asks for help. You should not overeat on this day (by the way, today is a fast day). Refrain from wanting to spend a large amount of money today. Also on Silin’s day, you need to be more careful than usual, if you pick up a hundred something sharp – a knife, scissors, knitting needles – the likelihood of getting hurt today is very high. In addition, today you should not tell someone a bad dream that you saw on the night of the 12th.

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