SEO Strategies That Have Been Proven to Work

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You might think that it’s impossible to rank high in Google. With the number of websites to compete with, it seems like a challenge you can’t overcome. Before you write this idea off, remember that there are search engine optimization (SEO) strategies worth trying. When you decide to give them a shot, you can gradually move to the top of the ranking. It’s even better if you work with Minneapolis SEO agencies if your business is located in the area, since their experts understand your target audiences. They will help you reach your goal. Here are some of their recommended strategies. 

Find the right keywords

Optimize appropriate keywords that your target audiences usually use. You want to increase organic traffic to your website, but it must include the most likely people to buy your products. For instance, some people type keywords to search for information and have no intention of buying anything. These are not the keywords worth optimizing. You must also diversify these keywords. Don’t place all your eggs in the same basket, or you will feel disappointed when everything fails. 

Optimize for voice searches 

More people use voice assistants these days. They maximize the available technology for convenience. Finding information using voice technology isn’t the same as regular online searches. People use longer keywords. They even ask questions. Optimize them and rank high. Other companies are yet to discover the value of voice searches. It makes you ahead of the game. 

Use videos

Content marketing isn’t the same as before since it now focuses on videos. People prefer watching short videos to reading long articles and blogs. It doesn’t mean written information is no longer relevant. However, if your goal is to be more visible online, you must use quality videos. Apart from ranking high in Google, you also have a chance to go viral. It makes your business an overnight success. As long as you use creative videos, it’s good enough. 

Make your website responsive

You might think that responsiveness has nothing to do with SEO. The truth is that it affects your ranking. Google already made it clear that responsive websites will rank higher. Since more people use their mobile phones to search online, Google wants to recommend responsive websites only. 

Link to authority sites

Link building remains an excellent strategy to rank high in search engines. The goal is to connect with other websites that are already among the top choices. The pages you link with reflect the kind of topic you discuss. Google will view the page as more relevant to the keyword with appropriate authority site links. 

Study your competitors

You’re not alone in trying to reach the top. Others are already there because they started earlier. If not, they used the best strategies to please Google’s algorithms. Study what your competitors are doing and try to do better. Just because they already accomplished the goal of reaching the top doesn’t mean you can’t steal the spot. Google changes its algorithms frequently to determine which websites to keep on top. You always have the chance to take the lead. 

Create a killer title as an SEO trick 

When you already ranked on the first pages of Google, the game isn’t over yet. You still have to compete with the other choices. Visitors must have a reason to select you over the alternatives. It’s where your chosen title matters. You want to catch people’s attention with a striking title. When people feel curious about it, they will click the link and browse the website.

Consider different strategies and see what works. Pay attention to the SEO techniques that help you move higher on the ranking and keep doing them.