Assault on Capitol Hill: police sue Trump

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Two Capitol Police officers have filed a complaint against former President Donald Trump for inciting the violent assault launched on January 6 against the American institution.

A policeman had died and dozens of others were injured during this episode which deeply marked America.

The two men behind the complaint, James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby, say they suffered “physical and psychological injuries” during the clashes, according to them, instigated by Mr. Trump, who was then living his last days as president and categorically refused to admit defeat to Joe Biden.

“Insurgents have been encouraged by Mr. Trump’s behavior over the past few months, which has led his supporters to believe his false claims that he was about to be kicked out of the White House because of a massive electoral fraud, ”they point out in the complaint filed in federal court in Washington.

“The insurgent mob, which Mr. Trump heated to white, encouraged, incited, guided, aided and of which he was an accomplice, forced their way through the plaintiffs and their colleagues, pursuing and assaulting them.” , they continue.

Mr Blassingame, an African-American policeman who had worked for the Capitol Police for 17 years, said he suffered head and back injuries and suffered psychological damage as a result of the event. He also says he suffered racist attacks from supporters of the former president.

Mr Hemby, in office for eleven years, was shot in the hands and knees after being crushed against the doors of the Capitol and being sprayed with chemicals to his face and body during the assault.

“Agent Hemby normally has a calm demeanor but he struggled to deal with the psychological fallout from the relentless attacks,” said the complaint, which lists all the occasions on which Mr. Trump appeared to encourage the insurgency.

The two agents are demanding compensation of at least $ 75,000 each as well as a fine of an unspecified amount.