Sentence to Bryansk convicted blogger Alexander Kolomeytsev canceled

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Outrageous Bryansk businessman-blogger Alexander Kolomeitsev may soon be free. Yesterday, December 15, the First Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction in the city of Saratov overturned the judgment of the magistrate court and the act of the Soviet District Court of Bryansk, which confirmed it, in a criminal case against a well-known brawler in the region.

As reported on the website of the instance, the collegium for criminal cases of the cassation court made such a decision due to the fact that during the consideration of the appeal by the Sovetsky District Court of Bryansk, the convict was denied the petition to change the territorial jurisdiction. At the same time, the verdict was passed in violation of the procedure provided for in Article 35 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, the composition of which did not include the resolution of this issue.

Now the case will be referred for a new appeal to the same court, but in a different composition. The preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to Kolomeytsev was canceled.

A similar decision was made on the second person involved in the criminal proceedings, Mikhail Vidulin. Recall that Kolomeytsev and Vidulin were convicted of illegally collecting and disseminating information about a person’s private life without his consent and inflicting beatings out of hooligan motives, which did not entail any consequences.

It is worth noting that according to the Bryansk media outlets, the imminent release of Alexander Kolomeitsev may be questionable. Presumably, he could become a defendant in a new criminal case. The business blogger is accused of illegally heating one of his shopping centers.

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