Semak took everything: after the victory of “Zenith” we explain what a treble is

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As “MK” in St. Petersburg already wrote, “Zenit” football club won the Russian Super Cup, having won 2: 1 in the match on August 7 with Moscow “Lokomotiv” (in the match for this trophy, the champion and the silver medalist of the last championship traditionally meet. Therefore, the super cup match refers to the last season of the RPL championship – however, a new one will begin very soon).

So, during the “golden season” of 2020, Zenit under the leadership Sergey Semak received the third title: in addition to winning the championship, the team also won the Russian Cup.

Such a triple victory in one season in sports jargon is called the English word treble – literally “triple” or “threefold” (not to be confused with the basketball “triple” – three-point throw). Musicians know the word “treble” as the definition of a treble control on an amplifier. Needless to say, the season for Zenit really ended on a “high note”.

By the way, the name of the head coach of “Zenith” in Ukrainian and many other Slavic languages ​​means something like “seventh” or “seven”. We are not hinting at anything, but on the whole we are not against analogies that arise in the reader’s mind.

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