Scientists have figured out how the virus is transmitted between cats

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Certain species of animals are infected with coronaviruses in the same way as humans. This could mean that the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans. To learn more about the features of this process, American scientists conducted an experiment on cats.

An article about the work done is posted in the electronic scientific library bioRxiv. It has not yet been reviewed, which means that the conclusions drawn in it cannot be considered completely correct, TASS specifies.

Six out of ten healthy cats participating in the experiment were infected with one of the common strains of the coronavirus. Two cats were hooked up to them, two more were kept separately.

It turned out that the virus appeared in healthy cats living with infected cats on the second to fourth days. It has been found in all tissues of the body. At the same time, there were no symptoms of the disease in the animals, except that on the second day the temperature increased.

After a week, the virus was no longer detected in the body.

Output? Cats easily contract the coronavirus from their relatives. Further research will help determine how likely people who are around cats are likely to become infected.

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