Scientists find naps deadly

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A daytime sleep lasting more than one hour is fatal to humans. Such conclusions were made by scientists from Guangzhou Medical University in China, writes the MedicalXpress portal.

Their research was based on scientific work that examined the relationship between sleep during the day and the risk of cardiovascular disease or death from other causes. Scientists have summarized more than 20 such works and analyzed the data of more than 313 thousand people, of whom 39% slept during the day, according to a material published by the portal on Wednesday, August 26.

According to the results of the analysis, the experts made an input that people who preferred a long daytime sleep – more than an hour, increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 34%. Also, such subjects had a 30% increase in the risk of death from other causes. However, according to the conclusions of experts, such a danger of daytime sleep is exclusively for those people who slept more than six hours a day.

Women and the elderly are most susceptible to these effects of daytime naps.

At the same time, the author of the study, Dr. Jae Pan, emphasized that people who choose to take a nap less than an hour during the day are not at risk of cardiovascular disease. We are talking about those people who have disturbed sleep at night.

“The results show that shorter sleep (especially less than 30-45 minutes) can improve heart health in people who sleep poorly at night,” the expert concluded.

Clinical psychologist Luciya Suleimanova earlier Thursday, August 27, said that reducing the number of hours of sleep can activate the brain and motivate a person to solve complex problems.

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