Scholz: Easing Tax Burden Despite Stopping VAT Cut

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Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said that although the VAT will rise again in 2021 to 19 percent (now 16%) and to 7 percent (now 5%), consumers in Germany will face solid tax relief. “We deliberately limited the period of VAT reduction in the summer so that consumers do not postpone the decision to make large purchases due to the pandemic,” said the politician in an interview with the media group Funke.

Scholz also vehemently denied the claim that 2021 will begin with a “tax hike.” The politician said that this is “… wrong! The new year starts with the planned tax cuts, ”referring to the abolition of the solidarity tax, which will bring a reduction in the tax burden for 90 percent of taxpayers. In addition, the child benefit and the tax-free amount per child are increased.

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