SBU announced the transition of Ukrainian intelligence officers “to the side of Russia”

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced the transfer of former Ukrainian military intelligence officers “to the side of Russia.” According to the SBU website, the Ukrainian counterintelligence service allegedly managed to expose the “FSB agent network.” She operated in several regions of the country.

This group included ex-special forces of the military intelligence of Ukraine. They were allegedly recruited by the FSB and were supposed to carry out intelligence missions. Also, their tasks included sabotage operations and the collection of information about the deployment and movements of the Ukrainian army.

Also, to carry out their tasks, foreign agents allegedly tried to recruit officials of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, it is alleged that the Russian special services allegedly intended to abduct one of the former commanders of the Special Operations Forces. They talked about a reward of 100 thousand US dollars.

During the searches, the arsenal of weapons and ammunition was seized. These are four AK-74s, two pistols, two RPGs, 44 grenades, and more than 4 thousand rounds of various calibers. About 3 kg of TNT and electric detonators were also seized.

Earlier, the SBU has already announced about the alleged “disclosure of FSB agents” in the country. In particular, in January it was reported about the arrest of a man, whom they called an “FSB agent”, in the Kherson region. He allegedly had the nickname Dzhigurda.

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