Saviors advised not to abuse alcohol while hunting

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Rescuers advised hunters not to abuse alcohol while hunting and to observe safety rules when handling weapons. This “RIA Novosti” was told in the EMERCOM of Russia.

They also recalled that when hunting from a boat, you should definitely check if the craft is in good condition. In addition, when hunting from the water, you should wear life jackets, make sure that no one falls into the water and do not allow the boat to overturn.

To avoid accidents, you must have a lifebuoy with you, as well as a long strong rope. Rescuers also reminded that you should only bathe in places where there are rescue posts and on safe beaches.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also added that it is important to remember the fire safety rules in forests and on the banks of water bodies. Hunting fires are often caused by careless handling of fire.

Rescuers added that during any trip to nature, it is worth taking warm clothes, provisions and a charged mobile phone, to places where there is no cellular connection – a satellite phone. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather and follow a familiar route so you don’t get lost.

On August 28, EMERCOM rescuers gave advice on how to behave if there is smoke in the shopping center, especially in the period before the start of the school year, when the number of visitors to shopping centers and school bazaars is greatly increasing.

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