Saving the pancreas: what will dramatically improve its work in the morning

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How to start your day with pancreatitis correctly, as well as improve food digestion and provide comfortable conditions for the pancreas, said MedicForum.

In the morning, it is very important to gently start the work of the digestive tract, so it is best to drink a glass of warm water or weak herbal tea. Half an hour after that, you can eat half of your breakfast – any porridge or 50-70 grams of cottage cheese with banana or dates.

After an hour, you can finish off the rest of your breakfast by slowly chewing your food.

With this beginning of the day for a long time, you can greatly improve the health of the body and the work of the pancreas. With this approach to breakfast, the outflow of bile is normalized, there are no spasms, which is important for the normal release of pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum.

And even with this beginning of the day, gastric juice does not tease the pancreas, because it is neutralized by the incoming portion of food. Also, with such a diet, constipation is gently eliminated, thanks to the discharge of bile, the risks of exacerbating pancreatitis are minimized, and liver function improves.

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