Sakhalin predicts a great future for excursion tourism

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In the Sakhalin region, they are counting on the development of excursion tourism. To this end, assistance is provided to those municipalities that are actively involved in tourism activities. So, five new excursion buses went to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – thanks to a subsidy from the Sakhalin tourism agency. The buses will be used by tour operators and other participants in the travel business to transport tourists. The coronavirus epidemic has deprived us of the opportunity to travel outside the country, but no one canceled domestic tourism, and bus tours are in demand both among the islanders themselves and among our guests. The drivers highly appreciated the new acquisitions, the case remains with the travelers themselves.
Two high-passable shift stations for tourists appeared on the Kuril Islands. In the future, the number of such equipment will increase to at least 20 vehicles.

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