Sakhalin is preparing for the rally “Ostrova 2020”

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At the end of the summer, in the village of Smirnykh, a part of the All-Russian youth rally “Ostrova 2020” will be held, namely, a gathering of representatives of the search movement. The location of the fees is explained by the interest in the battle sites of the Second World War. A search engine school will be open for beginners. Specialists in exhumation, anthropology, and work with explosive objects will arrive in the village. An open-air museum is under construction at the Haromitogsky fortified area: bunkers and Japanese trenches are being restored. The historical reconstruction of the “Assault on the Khandas police post” (held on August 11-12, 1945) is being carefully prepared. In the restoration of the battle, weapons of the 20th century firing blank cartridges will be used – the well-known Mosin rifles and carbines, Shpagin submachine guns, Maxim and Degtyarev machine guns, the Arisaka Japanese rifle. The event is scheduled to take place from 30 August to 4 September.

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